The Berlin Wall Memorial is one of 26 stops on our popular Berlin BigTic Tour of Berlin.

This stop is also included in the shorter Berlin Wall Tour with 8 stops.

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Berlin Wall Memorial

Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer
Berlin Wall Memorial – central site to commemorate the division of Germany
  • Volkspark on the Weinberg – view with Swiss cuisine
  • Zion Church – possible to climb the 67 metre-high tower
  • From the Weinberg via Veteranenstr., Zionskirchplatz, Swinemünder Str. to Arkonaplatz, many cafés and restaurants
  • Arkonaplatz – flea market with flair (Sun 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.)
  • WHITECONCEPTS – international contemporary art
  • West Berlin Gallery – street art and graffiti indoor

The Memorial complex is located at Bernauer Straße and stretches for 1.4 km along the former border. The history of Bernauer Straße can be felt by viewing the 60-metre-long section of the Wall that is preserved there, along with the border area, and the impressive documentation. The construction of the Wall and its consequences were felt particularly dramatically here: the border ran right in front of the houses, some escaped by jumping onto blankets held by the West Berlin fire brigade, separation from family and friends, the first fatal victims of the border regime, clearing of the houses and enforced resettlement, windows and doors were blocked up. Later, escape tunnels were dug here, through which 57 escaped to freedom. But Bernauer Straße also commemorates the peaceful overcoming of the division.

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