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Victory Column "Siegessäule" – from a symbol of war to the largest dance pole in the world, at the heart of the Love Parade
  • Straße des 17. Juni – party mile for large events
  • Park Großer Tiergarten – the green lung of Berlin
  • Tea House in the English Garden – culinary delights

The Victory Column "Siegessäule" was erected in 1873 in front of the Reichstag building on what was at that time the Royal Square "Königsplatz", in commemoration of the Prussian victories over Denmark, Austria and France. In 1938 the National Socialists had it moved to the Tiergarten. It became world famous in the years in which Love Parade partygoers danced to techno sounds around the Victory Column "Siegessäule", and also in 2008, when Barack Obama, at the time a US presidential candidate, gave a speech here.
The white Bellevue Palace "Schloss Bellevue", built in the neoclassical style, is the seat of the Federal German President and forms a distinct contrast to the black polished granite facade and the glass roof of the Office of the German Federal President "Bundespräsidialamt".
The" Straße des 17. Juni" commemorates the popular uprising in the GDR in 1953. Today it is frequently used as a party mile for large events: the Berlin Marathon, New Year's Eve, Unification celebrations, large-screen showings of football matches at the World Cup and European Championships, Christopher Street Day, and much more.
The park "Großer Tiergarten" covers 210 hectares and is the second-largest city-centre park after the Tempelhof Field (formerly Tempelhof Airport). It is a very popular green island in the city, used for barbecues, jogging, cycling, skating, football, relaxing, picknicking and strolling.

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